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Epoc Emotiv Programming

A revolutionary personal interface for brain computer interacton.The Emotiv EPOC headset uses a total of 16 sensors, 14 for EEG data, 2 for gyro motions to tune into electrical signals produced by the brain to detect user thoughts, feelings, expressions and their mental state.
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Projects Involved

  • Tic-Tac-Toe Gyro
  • Tic-Tac-Toe-Cognitive
  • Pattern-Authentication
  • BrainWave Car Gaming
  • Mind Motion State
  • Brain Wave Authentication


Our Technology & Culture project demonstrating a World wide countries search for their culture, facts and figures.It Features Js Map Comparison of culture and figures of different countries. Technologies used are Php, Javascript and Bootstrap.
Live Demo

Official website of codehunks. It uses Pure Css responsive framework developed by Yahoo. It is hosted on github free hosting.

News Classifier

A project based on Naive Bayes Classification. It uses textprocess, by pshch0der for data pre processing. A tranining data is built which is used to calssify the category of real time news feed.

Cloud Text Pre-Processing

A cloud service for text pre processing by the algorithms like stemming, lemmatization, stop-word removal and normalization.
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